June 17, 2011

Madness Spotlight Stylechallenge ~ Lilith

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This challenge has nothing to do with the challenge of Dracula what was just a day before at Evane Agency, so no I did not copy that idea. I will explain why I decided to do this character of Lilith for that challenge at XLP Agency.

I am playing a roleplay and this character is my character on this sim who is rly calling Carima. So everything u read below my pictures about Lilith is totally true and happened really to me and “Raphael” who is of course my lovely hubby Varaderobiker Blackburn.

If u wanna visit Carima use the Link below:


But, to make the story a bit shorter because thats a roleplay story about months I changed some facts what I will explain. In my story Raphael and Lilith lost themself, what was currently true a long time, but they found each other later again and fell in love again even the Vampiremaster was against^^ But really to write everything in detail I would need to write a book. So I can say have fun in reading my little story about my character Lilith! 🙂

Lilith is a bride of the Master of the Vampires on the land Carima. She was very young as the master Sergio found her in the city and was fascinated of er beauty and desided to want her on his side.

Lilith was born as a daughter of a duke, so she had long flewy gowns and was high grown alrdy for her age of 18. She had a huge love called Sir Raphael who was like her a son of a duke and they fall in love as they come to Carima. But their destiny should not be like a normal couple, they should be live in darkness and with a curse of pain and blood.

What Lilith didn´t knew was that her love raphael was an Assassine to kill for money if people hire him and his next job was to kill the Master of the Vampires Sergio. One night Lilith was walking to the church like every night she do as all others were asleep because then she would have peace with herself as she was a sad girl to be just in her room in the huge castle on the mountain in Carima. There she saw a big fight in middle of the city of two black clothed men, fighting with swords and whips and alrdy a lot blood on the floor and she knew something will going wrong and she started to ran to them and screamed “Stop it!”.

But it was alrdy to late and one of them fell to the floor with the sword of the other in his breast. As she reached them she saw that the man on the floor was his love Raphael lying in his own blood, trying to take a breath. She started to cry immediately and fell on her knees right beside him. Sergio saw that she was the girl he always wanted and grabed Raphael on his arm to bring him half dead to his dark castle and knew she would follow.

With tears and Raphaels blood over her whole body she stands up and folllows them, screaming at the vampire to let him go. But he didn´t stop. In middle of the way they met a creature of his castle and he forced it to bring Raphael in the chamber and turns to Lilith.

She stare at his pale face full of sadness and wrath but as he lifts up his hand to touch her face she fell unconsious and in his arms. As she awake she was in the chamber infront of Raphael between them the grid of his prison still lying there and nearly stops to breath, the blood over his breast and his clothes, his live slowly flewing out of him. It was such a huge pain for her to see that as she felt a hand on her hair. It was Sergio!

He comes near to her ear and whistles, slow and with a lovely voice “Do u want to resc him? I can make u immortal”
Her tears came back in her eyes and without a word she nods and accepted what he wanted to resc Raphaels life. In this moment Raphael lifts his head a last time and saw in her face with a powerless last word “Lilith…..” and died with the picture in his eyes as the Master of the Vampires bites her.

To resc him she desided to live as a vampire because in this castle there are not just vampires. There were demons who gave Raphael the old demonsoul of Sergios son with the name Rasiel, who was evil out of the hell to bring pain over the world and more power to his father.

From this day on Lilith stands on the side of Sergio as his bride and daughter, drinking blood from human to survive. Forgetting her love to the human Raphael, forgetting her life she had before just to excist to bring her master new victims.

*Skirt: Bliss Cotoure
*Top&Gloves: Mystique Hope
*Skin: Glam Affair
*MakeUp: Miamai
*Fan on Back: Bare@Rose
*Hair: Sky Everett
*Jewelry: Son!a
*Lashes: Leltuka&Redgrave&AD
*Eyes: Poetic Colors
*Nails: Candy Nails
*Shape: Costum by me
*Shoes: Quality Designs
*Bats&Fangs: Bloodlines


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