June 26, 2011

**GizzA** Gardenia Coctail Dress

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This absolutely cute and gorgeous dresses let me dream to be a lovely flower in a huge garden, side by side with all my sisters just to excist to be pretty and to show all the others in the world that in every flower of this world is a little piece of freedom and peace inside. But u have to take care of that flowers because if u hurt their leafs or cut even their legs they will die, slowly and painful. Never let a flower be without water or earth, u have to work with her and to see that she will grow and raises her head high up over the others.


Well this is just a little metapha of the modelscene where we all are in. We are like flowers who have to grow and to learn to survive with just a bit water where we can dring from like the informations we see every day around us in the modeling business and the earth what gives us a basic of the knowledge we have to know to grow up properly in this world. But all of us need help in that. No flower can grow up alone. All are in a huge circle and if one raises up to fast and thinking it is more beauty and expensive as the others she will be get seen of course. She will also been well named as great and famous but one day someone will come and cut her neck from her shoulders to keep her beautiness for himself and then she dies cause she lost her legs to stay straight in the earth.

So try to be a beautiful flower as u are, stay all unique in every step u are walking in but take always care of the other flowers around u or someone will cut your neck from your shulders one day and your career and beautiness will die.


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  1. What an amazing post Falbala. ❤

    Comment by Hela — June 26, 2011 @ 3:52 am

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