July 15, 2011

Miss Avatar World 2010 & 2011

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This day was so excited for me I could not even believe it. I entered MAW for seeing how far I can become and was very sad as one of my deepest friends didn´t get selected for the Top 20. But I said to myself now I have to show what a little german woman can do if she has the chance to it.

So I went to the first round where we had three designers as sponsor for the clothing and one for jewelry and shoes, which are: Morea Style, Pipins, Edika, Eden and MPP.

I got my first gown from Pipins what was a very nice golden one with a lot stuff around me, so I already thought “Wow, will be fun to find good poses for it” and my casual I could choose by myself where I was wearing a mix and match out of GIZZA from my dear friend Giz Seorn and Leezu, to announce the clothing. I went there and it was so laggy omg, I didn´t knew if I would survive this lag at all. The Sim of the audience crasht two times and the 20 girls behind the curtain had a lot probs with crashing also. But we all did it and 15 went to the next round.

The second round was again casual and formal but with a different designer. This time I had Morea for me where I get a very nice casual one in creme and pink what I could perfect fit with a summerhat by Vita´s Budoir and a very pretty black gown for the formal turn what I fitted with the jewelry by Yula Finesmith which I think contented in nearly all of my outfits in the whole contest. So a huge thank you to u too Yula to create all this different jewelry who fits in every round I was in! After this turn we were just 10 girls left and the backstage began to be more empty what was always a the hardest part to let girls go which u started to become more known.

The third round what was the Semi-Finals also we had to style 4 outfits in just 3 days what were: Casual, Smart, Swimsuit or Lingerie and Formal. This round I think was the hardest I had because my designer (Edika) delivered very very late so we had just 1 and a half days left to style all 4 outfits. I had between already bought a lingerie one because I wanted to be rdy in time and didn´t even know which outfits I would get and which don´t. Well I get later a lingerie also so I had to restyle it haha but I had one I very liked then in an asian style what I mixed with a huge fan by PurpleMoon on my back. My outfits changed rly a lot from a cover of Brigitte Bardeaux (said Swann in the radio), what was I think the outfit with the most risc I ever had. because I attached a little Chihuahua in a bag unter my right arm with an holdanimation. But this animation was fliping away if I started to walk or to pose. So I had to click the hold animation after every step or pose manual to flip my arm bag to the bag of the dog. But I didn´t know if it will happen because of the lag of the Sim. But it worked and after this first turn I alrdy was like “God bless……it worked”. Then I was an asian naughty empress till a fairyprincess in formal. But it was definetly the hardest competition of all 4 for me. But I did it and was staying there left with the other 5 girls who were allowed to go to the finals.

Now I was excited like never before. We had 2 days, 6 outfits to style and I didn´t know if I will again receive them that late. But it went all good and I get my outfits very fast so I could start to style and I remembered all the rounds, how the girls were looking like, how they were styled and saw a lot bags and hats and wanted to do different like all of them and not to risc that one of my ideas get boring or even same like another one. This time we had to style: Casual, Smart, Swimwear, Lingerie, Formal and Wedding. The casual and smart one I received from Morea and the formal and wedding one from Edika. Swimwear and Lingerie all girls were allowed to prepare by themself what I liked the most^^ So I went and styled them as good as I could like to use my Flip Flops from the Swimwear in my hands and to wear barefeet instead of a bag or towel in my hand what I alrdy saw the round before of some girls. And styled my weddinggown what was very easy made with all kinds of gownparts out of the collection from Son!a and tried to fit it unique enough for the judges.

I think in this time from beginning of the contest till the end my Avatar was seen 20.000 poses to find the right ones for my outfits. And I was alrdy telling my husband “Well it was a nice experience but I doubt I will win” and he already tried to cheer me a bit up like “U did your best darling” and then I heard the first name for the 2nd Runner up who was Vivienne Coppola and then the 1st Runner Up who was Terry Grauman which I already thought that they will be fabolous. I was holding the hand of my husband in RL and we both watched to the screen and then the moment was coming and the magical words came in local chat:

And the next Miss Avatar World is…..

Falbala Fairey, Allemagne!

And my husband was saying out loud “YES!!” and wanted to hug me but I had to go out to stage haha and my hands were shakin. I really never believed it that this will happen. But it was and I am very thankful for all the judges who I prooved that I could win. They did a great job!

Thank you everybody for this great experience!!!


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