March 31, 2012

~*Folirole of Crystal*~

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Summer is coming and all kind of designers change their colorboard into COLORFUL!

So also Prism did with an awesome new creation called “Crystal” what you see on the pictures in Seaside who is a cute mix of greenish and blue with some little aplications on it in different colors. Of course the other colors who are available are again in the fantastic and typical different fabrics you nearly just see at Prism who didn´t just change the color of the dress no she totally change with every color her fully dress. So if you buy one you so want to have the others also as they are totally different again.

With the deep deep back this dress isn´t just for a shoppingtour with your best friend no it is also perfect to be the eyecatcher on every party and club and so individual in their fitting as you have all kind of sizes to fit your body.

Oh it is Mesh? Didn´t I tell you?

So now I do! YES IT IS!!! 😀

To make this outfit perfect Yula Finesmith just released this fabolous new Set of a totally new creation now available at the reopened mainstore called “Folirole” which is available in 3 colors:






~Dress: Prism – Crystal in Seaside *NEW&MESH*

~Leggings: Mimikri – Ajour in wine

~Shoes: Azoury – Bottillon in Amaryllis

~Hair: Loovus Dzevavor – Beach Bun *NEW*

~Jewelry: Finesmith – Folirole in Red

~Nails: Mandala – Female in Super Long

March 30, 2012

~*The Dark Empress*~ by TWA

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I think this gown talks for hisself 🙂 GORGEOUS!


~Gown: TWA – Dark Empress

(includes the crown & the earrings)

~Hair: EMOtions – Domenica in Black

~Nails: Finesmith – Spike Nails

March 28, 2012

~*Style of the Day*~ *MESH*

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~Jacket: Xanadu – Jacket Alys Collection in Leopard *Mesh*

~Pants: Maitreya – Leggings in Silver Disco *Mesh*

~Hair: Lelutka – Oops in Pitch *Mesh*

~Clutch: Finesmith – Clutch Bag in Silver *Mesh*

~Jewelry: Finesmith – Straw

~Nails: Finesmith – Spike Nails

~Glasses: Role Optic – Ares I

March 27, 2012

~*Juliet&Bella’s Bliss*~

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~Gown: The White Armory – Juliet in Emerald

(also available in Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst, Onyx, Aquamarine)

~Hair: Tukinowaguma – Coage (Yossino Accessory)

~Earrings: Virtual Impressions – Flower Cascade in Black

~Nails: Mandala – Female Nails (Medium)



~Gown: The White Armory – Bella’s Bliss

~Hair: Baiastice – Rosario in Brown

~Jewelry: Virtual Impressions – Majestic


HERA (HEE-ruh; Roman name Juno) was the goddess of marriage. Hera was the wife of Zeus and Queen of the Olympians.

Hera hated the great hero Heracles since he was the son of her husband Zeus and a mortal woman. When he was still an infant, she sent snakes to attack him in his crib. Later she stirred up the Amazons against him when he was on one of his quests.

On the other hand, Hera aided the hero Jason, who would never have retrieved the Golden Fleece without her sponsorship.

In Greek mythology, Hera was the reigning female goddess of Olympus because she was Zeus’s wife. But her worship is actually far older than that of her husband. It goes back to a time when the creative force we call “God” was conceived of as a woman. The Goddess took many forms, among them that of a bird.

Hera was worshipped throughout Greece, and the oldest and most important temples were consecrated to her. Her subjugation to Zeus and depiction as a jealous shrew are mythological reflections of one of the most profound changes ever in human spirituality.

Tens of thousands of years ago, as the evidence of cave art and artifacts makes clear, humanity was focused on the female body, either pregnant or fit to bear children. Childbirth was the closest humans came to the great power that caused the earth to bring forth new life in the spring. To the extent that these distant ancestors of ours were evolved enough to think of worshipping this power, we may safely conclude that they thought of it as female.

Thousands of years later (and some five to nine thousand years before our own time), the European descendants of these people lived in large villages, with specialized crafts and religious institutions. It is clear from the artifacts they left behind that they worshipped a power (or a group of powers) that came in many forms–a bird, a snake, perhaps the earth itself. And this great power was female. For the human female has the ability to procreate–to bring forth new life.

It is said that it was only when humanity discovered man’s role in procreation that male gods began to be worshipped. There is no reason to doubt, though, that male gods were worshipped before the mystery of birth was fully known. In all probability the greatest powers were thought of as female but there were male deities as well. And it is clear that even after procreation was properly understood, the more peaceful Europeans–perhaps down to the “Minoans” of Crete–continued to worship the Great Mother.

And there were many peaceful Europeans. Many of the largest villages of that distant era were unfortified. The culture known as “Old European” did not fear aggression from its neighbors. But then things changed and a great period of violence began. Invaders swept into Europe from the vast central plains of Asia. They brought the Indo-European language family that today includes French, Italian, Spanish and English. They also brought a sky god, the supreme male deity that in Greek mythology became known as Zeus.

Little is known of these early Indo-Europeans, but the peaceful settlements of Old Europe were no match for them. In some places their new culture became supreme, in others there was merger. Hardier mountain folk resisted, though many were displaced from their strongholds, moved on and displaced others in a domino effect. The Dorian invasion of Mycenaean Greece can be seen as a result of this chain reaction.

The old order seems to have held out longest on Crete where, protected by the Aegean Sea from invasion by land, the high Minoan civilization survived until almost three thousand years ago. Abruptly, then, from the perspective of human existence, the gender of the greatest power changed from female to male. And many of the stories that form the basis of Greek mythology were first told in their present form not long after the shift.

Zeus’s many adulterous affairs may derive from ceremonies in which the new sky god “married” various local embodiments of the Great Goddess. That there was some insecurity on the part of the supplanter god and his worshippers is seen in the mythological birth of Athena from Zeus’s head–as if to say that the sky god could do anything any Great Goddess could do.

This Goddess continued to be worshipped in some form down into historical times. Her worship is sometimes dismissed as a “fertility cult”, largely because religious practices degenerated under new influences. But we may look for traces in the myths of the old order, in which Athena, whose name is pre-Greek, was the Goddess herself.

Under the influence of the Indo-Europeans, this bird goddess became the chief deity of war. Her earlier guise may be glimpsed in Athena’s symbol, the owl, which derives from the preceding thousands of years of sacred bird imagery.



~Gown: EMOtions – Hera

~Hair: EMOtions – Domenica in Blonde

~Headpiece: Finesmith – Aquarelle

~Ring: Donna Flora – Seahorse

~Nails: Mandala – Female Nails (Medium)

~Shoes: N-core – Barefeet

March 26, 2012


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~Jewelry: Finesmith – Cairo Necklace in Black

(also available in white)

Finesmith – Kayma Earrings

~Gown: Leezu – Nightingale *Mesh* Gown

~Hair: Loovus Dzevavor – Major Berret in Noir

(also available in Blanc, Ditzie, Godiva and Rouge)


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pussycat dolls (tainted love) HD @live



~Gown: SAS – Tainted

~Jewelry: Finesmith – Fringe Collar / Liquid Earrings / Draakje Bracelets

~Hair: [e] – Again

~Shoes: N-core – Temptation

March 25, 2012

~*Compassion of a Human*~

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Once upon a time……

there was a princess out of the deep seas of the ocean. She was one of the siren daughters of the great king of the 7 seas and all of his daughters are the most beautifulst creatures on earth. That’s why the king forbid his daughters to swim up to the world of the human. They all lived together in freedom and peace, they worked together with the fishes and the plants of the ocean to let them grow and protect their little babies and to give the ocean his wonderful deep blue and green color. Till the day one of his daughters decided to swim up to see with her own eyes what danger is there where the creatures live who need “air” to survive.

In the moment she lifted up her head out of the sea behind her was a ship of the most horrible pirates you can imagine and one of them, a young boy saw the little siren in the water and ran to catch her with a net. Because she didn´t appear to the dinner her father made on his way to search her and saw her as she get catched of the human pirates. He swam up and up and up as fast as he could but it was to late. He could just stretch his armto her and see her sad and scared face as she get lifted up to the ship through ther net she stucked in.

The king fell in tears to loose his daughter to that monsters but he kept staying under water. He did not resc her, he could not resc her, he could just watch and wait what they will do with her now.

The little siren fell on the ship after they throw her out of the net and she watched up to all the scary faces with all the scarfs and knifes and the bad smell she get in her nose from them of swet and 3 weeks not washed clothes. Her gown was heavy because of the water who was still in her fabrics. She could hardly move her body as the water wasn´t around her anymore.

The human talked to each other but she could not understand it and so she waited in an edge what will happen now with her. The ship needed 3 days till they reached land and the seagulls flew in circles above her head. She never heard sounds like that before in her life. Everything was so strange and scared her near to death. Her power was getting low as she didn´t eat anything the pirates gave her as it wasn`t what she was used to and she missed the water. Her lips were dry and her eyes small and tired as she lifted up her head again to see what is going on.

The pirates came back to her and lifted her up into a cage outside of the ship. A lot of that strange smelling human were there and all eyes were on her. She was near to tears as she thought back of the words of her father to keep away from there and she knew now, he was right.

The time past by and the little siren became powerless and powerless every hour she kept outside the water. But what should she do? She was in this cage and all time someone were around her to watch at her and nobody saw what was happening with her. Nobody? No, not nobody.

A young man came to her cage and came more near then all others and searched her face and her eyes. He went into the knee and saw as onliest of everyone around him that the little siren will die if he will not do anything for her to bring her back in her ocean and her home. Her face was so sad that he get pain in his chest and lifted up a little flower into her cage to give her a sign of hope.

In this moment one of the pirates came to them and kicked the young man away as he didn´t wanted that anyone touched his newest treasure. So the young man had to wait till it is dusk. As the sun began to touch the ocean he came back to her as all others went home to eat and celebrate their treasure. He opened the cage with a stolen key and even he knew he would not survive this rescue he would not stop it as he knew it was wrong to let a creature die because of selfishment.

The little siren lifted her arms as she was to powerless to move alone and the young man lifted her up on his arms to carry her to the old ruins near the water. In this moment one of the pirates came out of a house and saw what this man wanted to do and started to scream. But the young man ran as fast as ce can to the ruins and the siren saw all the pirates behind them with the knifes raised in the sky. A little tear ran down her face on the shoulder of the young man as he stoped on a high cliff and watched a last time in her face.

He didn´t wait for long and throw her with his last power over the cliff as far as he could and in the moment she watched up to him and fell down the cliff she saw how one knife and then more and more crossed the body of the young man and she lifted her hand to him as she fell down This human resced her from death and payed with his own life.

But she knew now that the most human are that bad how her father told her. But not all of them! In some is still hope.

I wrote this little story as it came in my mind during I edited the pictures and listened to some fantasy moviescores from the stream on the sim I took this shots.

I know it starts a bit like “The little mermaid” but I didn´t wanted to write just a copy of it as in Disney Movies always is a happy ending. I didn´t wanted a happy ending as I think there can´t be a happy ending if human have their hands in it. It is not a critique on human being, but maybe a little way to show how we are if we think we have the power over the world.



~Gown: GIZZA – Kallisto

(available in Aqua, Black, Lilac and Pearl)

~Hair: Tukinowaguma – Coage in Ebony

~Jewelry: Donna Flora – Seahorse

~Nails: Mandala – Female Nails Medium

~Shoes: N-core – Barefeet

~*Devine*~ by Yasum Designs

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Let’s meet the future of Mesh!

Yasum creates some so well made Mesh clothing that you have a huge huge option to choose the right alphalayer for your avatar and the right size for your avatar also. No trouble anymoe with fitting the shape to the mesh with this outfit. This outfit contents a fully set out of skirts, jackets, the fabolous plateou shoes, the earrings and a option of glowing silver or golden lashes with the fitting sculpted eyelashes who can be edited to any eye in SL as every lash can be moved separately. The first time maybe a bit more work to fit the eye but then its like in reality.


~Outfit&Earrings: Yasum – Devine

~Shoes: Yasum – Devine Stomper High

~Hair: Tukinowaguma – Simone in Ebony

~Nails: Finesmith – Metallic Nails

March 18, 2012

TREND Magazine out NOW!

This is just my collection of pictures I was allowed to shoot for the new and fresh Issue of TREND magazine.

It’s the first Issue and all did really a wonderful job and I am very happy to be a part of it.

Check it out at: TREND magazine March 2012

Below you see my shots I added for the magazine, but to see the finished version check the full magazine page 🙂

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