April 30, 2012

~*Unicef Event to help African Children*~


Landingpoint for the UNICEF Event click HERE!
The Fenneltee Reggae Club organizes from May 04, 2012 through May 10, 2012 a donation marathon.  Everyone is warmly invited to partake in the event by donation or also in purchase of items by some of SL finest designer that will be offered with all of the proceeds going to UNICEF.  This event is being conducted with the official approval of UNICEF in partnership with Fennel Tea Reggae Club.

Official Webpage of UNICEF click HERE!

On the 4th of May we begin the event with Bob Marley Live concert which lasts approximately 30 minutes on the big stage including singers and dancers.  Afterwards there is a non-stop 24-hours a day DJ party.  Many Dj`s from all over the world will play reggae music and they will donate their tips for the event. They will change every two hours and their DJ donation box will be open until the 10th of May as part of the Fennel Tea Group Sim wide donations.

So that this becomes a great success for UNICEF we would requests, donations of whatever you can, no matter whether 1 l $ or 1000 l $. The donations are collected by a UNICEF Avatar and are passed on directly 1:1 in UNICEF. They can also be made so via the advertisements on the Commercialboards.  We want to make this a sucessful event for a very worthy cause UNICEF.  Please come help us meet this a successful event  and enjoy the Fennel Tea Club.  Bless…

Information for interested Designer&Blogger:

~ Every Designer/Blogger who want to help us is heartly invited to rezz 1 Outfit or Item on the Event Sim with a special Donationscript what we will send to you before May 4th who will be fixed with 100% Donation to our Unicef Avatar.
We decided to do just one Item per Designer as we want as most designers as possible to have all kind of different releases for the customers to raise also the interest for visiting the Mainstore and to keep the stresslevel low for you as we don´t have long time to prepare everything. So please content a actual Landmark from your store in your Item.
(Pose Designer may can do a package of 5-6 Poses for this Event)

~ The Sim will be open as Fullprim Sim from the 4th till 10th of May.

~ The Event will be supported by BOSL Magazine and some of the most recent Bloggers in SL.

~ Commercial pics and NCs will be sended to the Blogger as soon as they are ready and announce every Designer who is willing to help us to support them as well in their Blog.

~ Does it have to be a New designed Item? No it doesn´t need to be as we have just few days to prepare everything but it would be great to have something more ‘new’ of your collection and to hide it in the Store as long the Event is running or to sell it a bit lower in prize then in the mainstore. That we let in your hands as we think you are all very experienced in Charity Events and their organisation.

~ If there is any interest or open questions please contact Falbala Fairey (MissV Germany 2012 & Miss Avatar World 2011) who will manage the Designer and Blogger in this Event.

If anyone has interest in helping  with the construction this event, they can contact (Chrisalis Takaaki).
For the Dj-planing Tampee Vibrations and Mario Zarf are responsible.
Falbala Fairey takes over the designer part.
I thank you for your cooperation and Bless all……!

Chrisalis Takaaki (Owner of the Fennel Tea Club)


Designer who help us already:

Thank you so much who decided to help us in this project and we really appreciate this!

Datrip Blackbart (Legal Insanity)

Nando Korobase (Angel Dessous)

Tatanka Kaligawa (Mea Culpa)

Sascha Frangilli (Saschas Designs)

AntoniaXP Resident (Countdown)

Mila Tatham (Solidea Folies)

Morgane Batista (Batista Poses)

Mirja Mills (EMOtions)

Malicia Python (Silken Moon)

Journey McLaglan (Prism)

Kyra Camel (Baboom)

Dani Plassitz (Styles by Danielle)

LovelyMiwako7399 Menna (Lovely MakeUps)

Vikeejeah Xevion (Loovus Dzevavor)

Elettra Gausman Kondor (Orage Creations)

Ezura Xue (Ezura)

Vega Dagger (Dagger Design)

Bee Dumpling (The White Armory)

Thetra Blackheart (E-Clipse)

Lybra Rage (House of Rage)

Xanadu Damiano (Xanadu Fashion)


  1. Reblogged this on – UrWorld – and commented:
    what a fantastic cause! Great job everyone!

    Comment by Aradia Mistwood — April 30, 2012 @ 8:57 pm

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Great Music, Great Cause!

    Comment by juliancruzsl — April 30, 2012 @ 9:43 pm

    • Thank you so much for your help, it helped us to raise in just 6 days more then 100k and that is fantastic. Thank you a looooot! *hugs*

      Comment by falbalafaireyfashionblog — May 19, 2012 @ 3:28 pm

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