April 14, 2013

~*Galliano Inspiration*~

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Vogue - Galliano1-2048

Vogue - Galliano2-2048


~Dress: *VoguE* Galliano (MESH) ~ Magenta

(different colors available)

~Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * SESSIE *

~Jewelry: .:EMO-tions:. *ENDLESS LOVE *

~Shoes: N-core FEMME “Rose”


~*Travel to Virginia*~

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SAS - Virginia2-2048

SAS - Virginia3-2048


~Dress: SAS – Virginia HotPink

~Hair: Magika [02] Rewind

~Jewelry: Alienbear’s – Sakura Wishes

~MakeUp: *VoguE* Runway ~ MakeUp ~ Dramatic Series 001

~Shoes: N-core FEMME “Rose”

WE <3 ROLE-PLAY – A not so casual monthly Shopping Event!

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What is your GOAL with this event?

We want to promote creators who offer high quality content in general or high quality original content. We have nothing against templates if used WELL and if used to create a unique look. We want to spotlight  and bring appreciation to stores that do not dish out mediocre work five times per week, that do not sell blatantly ripped stuff, that do not undercut everyone’s reasonable prices. We have a feeling that a lot people are not aware of all the GOOD stuff that is out there that isn’t blatantly stolen.

Who will participate?

We’ve handpicked a nice list of stores who will either appear as regulars or as guests. So far, we have gotten positive feedback from these stores:


1- EZ Weaponry /The Forge (Weapons/Accessories) – Deccan Arida
2- Centipede (Weapons/Accessories)  – Kendra Zaurak
3 – Trident (Furniture) – Laufey Markstein
4 – Trident Jewelry (Jewelry) – Rossana Llewellyn
5 – Gspot (Clothing) – Jalilah Jewell
6 – The Library (Clothing) – Dream Resistance/Sabina Takakura
7 – Essences (Skins) – Inka Mexicola
8 – The Fallen (Clothing) – Triad Fallen
9 – Roawenwood (Furniture) – Searlait Nitschke
10 – Tia (furniture) – Tia Biscuit
11 – Soedara (Clothing) – Marbella Pronovost
12 – Rainbow Co. (Furniture, Houses) – Huntress Blackrain
13 – Xanimations (Animations, Accessories) – Xanxan Jervil
14 – Dysfunctional Dolly Designs (Furniture, Landscaping) – Anke Hatchuk
15 – Lightsstar Designs (Clothing, Shoes!) – Krystal Silverweb
16 – Rue (Accessories, Bodyparts) – Ruina Kessel
17 – Alchemy (Skins)- Nina Helix
18 – Panda Express (Accessories, Bodyparts) – Kioko Kumaki (from May on)
19 – Bilo (Clothing) – Mayaa Thistle
20 – The Muses (Clothing) – Dolce Blackflag
21 – Evie’s Closet (Clothing) – Evangeline Miles
22 – Innocuous (Clothing) – Circuitous Resident
23 – Kouse’s Sanctum (Clothing) – Kouse Singh
24 – Knickknack (Clothing) – Levia Larsson
25 – Silkworms (Clothing) – Trippy Fall
26 – The Plastik (Clothing, Skins) – Aikea Rieko
27 – Aeva/Heartsick (Skins) – Amesha Jewell
28 – The White Armory (Dresses, Weapons) – Colton Drechsler/Bee Dumpling
29 – The Skinnery (Skins) Umazuma Metaluna
30 – Fallen Gods (Skins/Avatars) – Alia Baroque
31 – Analog Dog (Hair) – Queue Marlowe
32 – Primus Weapons (Weapons) – Thord Karu

1 – Handverk (Accessories) – Daphne Klossovsky (Guest)
2 – Arwen’s Creations (Clothing) – Arwen Serpente (Guest)
3 – Rochambeau (Clothing/Buildings) – Leviathan Flux (Guest)
4 – Tokidoki (Clothing) – Maya Levane (Special Guest)
5 – Deviance (Clothing) – Surreal LeShelle (Guest)
6 – Es-kimo (Hair, Skins) – Ziekling Bunnyhug (Guest)
7 – Aeros Avatars (Skins) – Pi Rain ( future Guest)
8 – Fallen Gods (Skins) – Alia Baroque/Elizabeth Tinsley (from June on, Guest?)
9 – Zaara (Clothing, Jewelry) – Zaara Kohime
10 – C’est la Vie (Clothing) – Larcoco Mathy
11. Velvet Whip (Clothing/Furniture) – Reeva Hax
12. Mabinogion (Clothing/Accessories) – Airedine Poe
13. Aisling (Furniture) – Druuna Esharham

Please be aware that due to rl circumstances or any other reason this list might change. This is what we have NOW.

When and where will the event start?

The event will likely start on May 4th. I’d like to keep the location a secret for now, since I am still working on it. We do not want the usual boring box-look most shopping events have.  However, if you open your eyes, you might stumble on it anyways. :)

What kind of items will be offered? Will there be a discount?

All items that fit into the medieval/medieval fantasy, gorean, ancient Rome/Greece/Persia/Egypt theme are allowed. Furniture, clothing, hair, skins… whatever fits. :) A minimum discount of 25% is planned, a maximum discount of 50%. Anything in between will be decided by each creator. The items do not have to be a new release, but have to be looking 2013. No old stuff. Both genders will be considered. :P We’d like to offer a good deal to customers while at the same time not devalueing the hard work of our creators.

How will the promotion happen?

We will promote through various blogs, forums, we’d like to start a blog for the event, through the logo in stores and on role-play sims. We’d be glad for any simowner who’ll be willing to let us display the logo there. There will also be an updategroup or a subscribo (not yet decided) for customers. Plurk, Flickr, Facebook…so many possibilities.

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