May 13, 2013


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Yesterday my sis Wicca asked me to do a doublepost together with the new “WorkOut”collection by Giz Seorn (Owner & Designer of GizzA) and ofc I said yes. After checking some Fitness Centers who were mostly used to have sex because we met all kind of funny people there.

What kind of funny(strange) people?

Oh well let me try to explain some. There was a “lady” who did some Bodybuilding moves on a platform and had a muscleskin and shape like a guy, just with a female face. Or the little french guy I met with his GF who tried to come up to me during I tried something on the Center and attached his Weenie and stand right behind me. I was so happy that I sit on that machine and that he couldn´t reach me complete.

But after we traveled around Wicca found a cool gym in MP and we tpt to the place where we could buy it. It was inside a full house and we got an idea in the same second. We jumped in the house and tried out the machines which one of them could look good with both of us on one pic and decided to take the shot directly in this house. We had to hurry because the Rezzer had a timer and after some minutes the house and everything vanished. Was funny after it happened the first time and we fell on the floor and had to start again. But finally we got some nice shots of us and left the sim.

GIZZA - Workout2048

GIZZA - Workout-Fal2048

Credits on Falbala:

~Outfit: GizzA – Work Out [Brown]

(also available in Blue, Black, White)

~Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Lola summer Mesh Hair – Blacks

~Muscles: Female Muscle Tattoo (MP)

~Sweat: *eL* Wearable Sweat

GIZZA - Workout-Wicca2048

For the Credits of Wicca please click HERE!



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No this title has nothing to do that I was bored during taking this shots but it shows something from my own past as a child when I was bored at home. As I was a gymnastic artist since I can walk I always practiced to become more stretchy and this pose remembered me a bit on this time.

Prism - Sporty1-2048

Prism - Sporty2-2048


~Outfit: Prism Annie by Journey in Raspberry

~Hair: .:EMO-tions:. *SUNSHINE *

~Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer – Necklace – Handcuff Set

~Bracelets: Maxi Gossamer – Bangles – Sugar Candy – The Pinks

~Shoes: Ducknipple – Socked Pumps

Pose by DeeDee



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Violator - Hit Me Up1-2048

Violator - Hit Me Up2-2048


~Top: VIOLATOR PretaPorter -HitMeUp Top – WhiteBlack

(available in WhiteBlack, SilverBlack, RedGold, PurpleSilver, GoldBlack, BlueGold)

~Pants: VIOLATOR PretaPorter – Luxury Jeans – WhiteBlack

(available in WhiteBlack, SilverBlack, RedGold, PurpleSilver, GoldBlack, BlueGold)

~Ponytail: .:EMO-tions:. * DOMENICA *

~Bang: .:EMO-tions:. * LILITH *

~MakeUp: ~Blacklace Beauty~ Winter Cloud Eyeshadows



~Shoes: AY Latex Boots Tight Length Miss Pain Sacri

Pose by RedQueen


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Inmonster - Zara1-2048

Inmonster - Zara2-2048


~Dress: Inmonster – ZARA

(colors available in Emerald, Yellow, Blue, Mustard, Pink Purple, Pink, Green, Pink White, Pink Aqua)

~Jacket: ** DIRAM ** NATHALIA jacket – White

~Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * CARLA *

~Necklace: .:EMO-tions:. * DAWN * necklace

~Shoes: ][PULL][ Limited Bella Stiletto Orange

~MakeUp: [White~Widow – Face Tattoo] Wanted

Pose by Vista


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Vogue - Swimwear1-2048

Vogue - Swimwear2-2048


~Bikini: *VoguE* Summer Swimwear *Mesh*

~Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * LORA *

~Earrings: Persefona Veronica Earrings


~Sunglasses: p.c; Luxe Glasses – Dirty Wood

~Feet: N-core Tip Toe BAREFEET *Mesh*

Pose by MyAnimations


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PurpleMoon - Maxi Dress1-2048

PurpleMoon - Maxi Dress2-2048


~Dress: :: PM :: Meadow Maxi Dress

~Hair: Miss C. – Dinha


~Earrings: .:EMO-tions:. * APHRODITE *

~Shoes: N-core DELICIOUS “Black”

Pose by *PosESioN*


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My ink had dried up and my feather caked
But her voice bade me …write!

They named me after a dreamer
The dreamer who foretold the future
Yet I knew not what awaited me in the land of Unity
The Fates blew me towards the Rock
The Rock harboured by the King and his men

Last season, I met Destiny…
My teacher instructed me to guide Destiny
Now Destiny has taken over my dreams
A Dreamer, all I see is Destiny
Yet, with my tongue I draw water from her eyes
I long to suck from her and to be part of her
Alas! The child in me unveils itself
I haven’t known many maidens
A few only have seen my pride

Mea Culpa - Polar2048

I have fallen for Destiny
Destiny has my secrets in her heart
The secrets of the Prince
I long to possess Destiny
That our loins may fraternize

Destiny is my Muse
I have rediscovered my voice
The word flows in me:
I desire Destiny!

Mea Culpa - Polar-Arni

Credits on Arnold Winsmore: 


~Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * MARC * black


~Coat : Mea Culpa Arctic Storm black


~Pants: Mea Culpa Painless Obedience


~Shoes: Mea Culpa Shoes Punisher


~Make Up: PMD – Face tattoo set 6


Pose by *PosESioN*

Mea Culpa - Polar-Fal

Credits on Falbala Fairey:

~Dress: **=__MEA CULPA_=**Polar Light

~Umbrella: Finesmith Noir Umbrella -Blanco

~Jewelry: Finesmith Noir -Blanco

~Hair: TuTy’s JUICY – chic wet look ponytail

~MakeUp: [Gauze] Fire Fox – Artic

~Shoes: N-core CAPRICE “Neige”

Pose by *PosESioN*



The event started on May 4th and will stay just one month, so hurry!

To reach the Sim for the event pls click here!

We Roleplay - Bunny1-2048

We Roleplay - Bunny2-2048

Credits on the Event Sim:

~Dress: ::C’est la vie !:: Charm dress(plain rosy)

~Ears: +MAB+ Bunny Ears – We ❤ RP



~Hair: Miss C. – Scarlett


~Skin: Ramya*Sandra*

(Skintones available in: Snow, Pale, Light, Sun, Tan, Deep Tan)

~Lipstick: Ramya*Sandra*Tattoo*Glossy Lip*

~Feet: [Gauze] Faun Legs – Naturals

~BunnyTail: Natural Kani – White (Female)

~Bunny: ~Scribble~ Holding Baby Bunny in White

Pose by DelMay & *PosESioN*


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I always knew that love would come find me someday
but never did I know that it would be you who was headed my way
you caught me off guard and took me by surprise
but you simply captivated me, the same way you do when I look into your eyes

It’s true that every good and perfect gift is from above
you were presented to me as a beautifully packaged gift full of humor, talent, intelligence, beauty and love
“it isn’t finding the perfect person but learning to see an imperfect person perfectly”
we all have our flaws but when I view you through my eyes, perfection is all I see

From when you laugh to when you’re upset, I still love the little things you do
especially hearing you laugh and seeing your nose wrinkle the same way mine does too
coming into this relationship has been hard at times but we’ve made it through
I know as long as we’re on this journey together, there’s nothing that we can’t do.

Mea Culpa - Mermaid2048

Sometimes I wonder if what we have is too good to be true
too scared to get my heart broken and scared of the thought of losing you
but in the end, I trust in the author and perfecter of what I believe
because what we ask for in Him, we in return shall receive

“Where your treasure is, your heart will be also” is how the saying goes
I may not know what tomorrow may bring, for God is the only one who knows
the one thing I do know is that you are my one and only
a treasure in my heart that I want to devote my whole life to completely

I know I don’t need to prove my feelings to know they’re true
because what I’ve known in my past, doesn’t come close to the experience I’ve shared with you
I’ve had the experience of being in relationships before
however, this is the first time I’ve been truly happy… I couldn’t ask for anything more
it’s an honor to know that I am yours, as you are mine
and I trust God that He’ll bring us together in His beautiful time

For now, I’ll be waiting patiently for that day when we’ll be together
that precious moment in time when I’ll say, “it’s you that I want to be with forever”
God made everything beautiful, precious and new
just as beautiful and precious as the day will be, when I look into your eyes and say, “I Love You”

Mea Culpa - Mermaid-Arni

Credits on Arnold Winsmore:

~Hair: *SH* Claude Hair(Black)

~Outfit: Mea Culpa Thalons Revenge

~Make Up: REPULSE – Clown Eye Slits Face Tattoo

~Make Up: Nuuna’s tatto layer makeups v7

Pose by *PosESioN*

Mea Culpa - Mermaid-Fal

Credits on Falbala Fairey:

~Outfit: **=__MEA CULPA_=**call of the sirene

~Shoes: **=__MEA CULPA_=** Shoe Hawk

~Hairbase: .:EMO-tions:. HAIRBASE 4 brown

~Earrings: Finesmith – Truth female

~MakeUp: [Gauze] Fire Fox – Flame

Pose by *PosESioN*


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The event will likely start on May 4th.

To reach the Sim for the event pls click here!

The Openingparty will start tomorrow at 3pm SLT. Before this time the Sim is closed for costumer. So please be a bit more patient.

We Roleplay - GSpot1-2048

We Roleplay - GSpot2-2048

Credits on the Event Sim:

~Outfit: .:GSpot:. Extremely Coy *MESH*

(includes the Jewelry & the Tattoo; shield comes as backattachement, moved to show it in the pic)

~Skin: .B I R D Y.  & Alchemy – Daenerys Skin (Special edition collab)



~Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * SEMIRAMIS 2 *

Pose by *Expressions*

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