May 13, 2013


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Yesterday my sis Wicca asked me to do a doublepost together with the new “WorkOut”collection by Giz Seorn (Owner & Designer of GizzA) and ofc I said yes. After checking some Fitness Centers who were mostly used to have sex because we met all kind of funny people there.

What kind of funny(strange) people?

Oh well let me try to explain some. There was a “lady” who did some Bodybuilding moves on a platform and had a muscleskin and shape like a guy, just with a female face. Or the little french guy I met with his GF who tried to come up to me during I tried something on the Center and attached his Weenie and stand right behind me. I was so happy that I sit on that machine and that he couldn´t reach me complete.

But after we traveled around Wicca found a cool gym in MP and we tpt to the place where we could buy it. It was inside a full house and we got an idea in the same second. We jumped in the house and tried out the machines which one of them could look good with both of us on one pic and decided to take the shot directly in this house. We had to hurry because the Rezzer had a timer and after some minutes the house and everything vanished. Was funny after it happened the first time and we fell on the floor and had to start again. But finally we got some nice shots of us and left the sim.

GIZZA - Workout2048

GIZZA - Workout-Fal2048

Credits on Falbala:

~Outfit: GizzA – Work Out [Brown]

(also available in Blue, Black, White)

~Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Lola summer Mesh Hair – Blacks

~Muscles: Female Muscle Tattoo (MP)

~Sweat: *eL* Wearable Sweat

GIZZA - Workout-Wicca2048

For the Credits of Wicca please click HERE!



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