July 14, 2014

~*Resume of Mister Virtual World 2014*~

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5 months ago when I started planing I didn’t knew what will all happen till the finals neither what will all come up on my plate to get this pageant done in the way it was done at the end. I would lie if I say I am not exhausted from this journey but I am smiling all over my face to see back on it and how it turned out.
Problems were solved, success got reached and I learned a lot in this past 5 months and raised a lot of my experience of planing an event in this size and I know that the ladies will be even bigger and more work but I will try to use the knowledge I could raise now with the misters to give the misses the glory they deserve as good as my energy, patience and time let me.

Of course a project like Mister Virtual World can’t be done without a team behind someone assisting, supporting, helping and cheering when it is needed. So I watched back and I would love to list here first the team who was on my side in any kind of a way to get this pageant done like it was and anyways how big or small the support was, it was a support who was important for this project, If it was in assisting, judging, sponsoring, building or just being a shoulder to lead on. So my thank you goes to all of you who were on my side to walk this way.
So all can also see that a project like MrVW can’t be done by one person and that it always needs a team to make it a success anyways how small the role of the other one maybe is, it is needed. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart to all of you below in this list.

Also I wanna say and repeat I am very proud of all the misters who walked with me for 3 months through this journey and want to mention them also again here of course as everyone of you if short or long time, you were a part of it and you can be very proud of yourself.

Reign Congrejo
DiamondGem Destiny
desireme Fallen
Wicca Merlin
Redclaw Inshan
Kimmera Madison
Anne Daumig
Kay Fairey
Erik Bayn
Maddox Kaestner
Shinya Tandino
Sequoia Nightfire
Magissa Denver
Diana Balhaus
KarlinJames Zepp
Enzo Champagne
Marcus Wisser
Takuya Jinn
Belle Roussel
Alienbear Gupte
Shaili Alex
Jess MacHope
Shena Neox
Libby Farleigh
AM Quar

Gwen Aloix
Yerieakth Couturier
Carley Benazzi
Thetra Blackheart
Mirja Mills
Angelik Lavecchia
Kimmera Madison
Takuya Jinn
Steele Sirnah
Skip Staheli
Giz Seorn
Irina Starzytski
Kyra Camel
Kaid Hawker
auster Elan
Magissa Denver
Jules Catlyn
Aisha Convair
Mimi Juneau
Zuri Rayna
Warm Clarity
Hikaru Enimo
Yashi Audion
Meimei Shiu
Cieleste Magic
Rabia Baxton
Marcopol Oh
Mely Gibbs
Calima Dufaux
Madrid Solo
Pam Astonia
Nice Wildrose
Sascha Frangilli
Giselle Chauveau
Maddox Kaestner
Dainie Fraina
Bastien Berboral
Jax Aster
KarlinJames Zepp
Hezabel Blackheart
AllesIst Klaar
Emmylin Hastings
Mui Mukerji
Phedra Diavolo
Laura18 Streeter
Nadja Baxter
Huntington Harbour
Anastacia Markova
Euridice Qork
Alienbear Gupte
Kenshin Xevion
Quan Lavender
Vivien Emerald
Eleya Kenin
Sebastian007 Viper
Didier Rascon
Thorn Andel
Esme Capelo
Jai Raleigh
Edward Ballinger
Hermione Mocha
Bee Dumpling
Kathrin Dessin
Silvano Korobase
Anna Sapphire
Shazney Valentine


MR V♛ BELGIUM 2014 Geoffrey Firehawk
MR V♛ BRAZIL 2014 Jhones Malus
MR V♛ CANADA 2014 Kramer Snookums
MR V♛ ENGLAND 2014 Christlaw
MR V♛ FRANCE 2014 Malphas Emor
MR V♛ GERMANY 2014 Hobbit Zenfold
MR V♛ GREECE 2014 arturcosta Akina
MR V♛ IRELAND 2014 Paradox Messmer
MR V♛ ITALY 2014 trouble Dethly
MR V♛ JAPAN 2014 Ryuji Yuhara
MR V♛ MONACO 2014 Olivier Bobair
MR V♛ PORTUGAL 2014 Bosco Jonson
MR V♛ SPAIN 2014 Eric Davi
MR V♛ SWISS 2014 Tyrone Toxx
MR V♛ USA 2014 KokoMapiya
MR V♛ VATICAN CITY 2014 Lybra Rage
MR V♛ WALES 2014 k0rey
MR V♛ ZIMBABWE 2014 Titanium Regent

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