October 3, 2012

Inspiration by Labyrinth

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~Hair: Miamai_Kirge Blacks & Miamai_Lika Blacks

~Clutch: VictoriaV – Moxie Clutch

~Necklace: Aglaia – The Claw Necklace

~Mask: [inMonster] Mokako

~Ears: *~*Illusions*~* Sylph Ears

Pose by *PosESioN*

September 8, 2012


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~Dress: Yasum – Hobo Cutie in Vintage  *MESH*

(available in Bubble Blue, Art Flash, Vintage Flower, Bubble Pink, Ches Kiss, Harlekin & Leather Cream)

*also available in the collection Hobo Cutie in Grunge, fitting Tip Toes and Clogs*

~Shoes: N-core – Tango in Electric

~Hair: Truth – Stephanie in Snow

~Headjewelry: ~Soedara~ Circlet of Sheba Chained Silvery Seas in silver

~Ears: *~*Illusions*~* Sylph Ears

~Wings: Lilt Scripted Wings in SilverMoon


~Stars: ABU – Handstars in Ocean Crime

Pose by Del May

September 2, 2012

~*Masai Mara*~

Masai Mara National Reserve is Kenya’s finest wildlife reserve. Everything about this reserve is outstanding. The wildlife is abundant and the gentle rolling grasslands ensure that animals are never out of sight. Birds, too, are prolific. Including migrants, well over 450 species have been recorded, among them, 57 species of birds of prey. The climate is gentle, rarely too hot and well-spread rainfall year round. Rain, when it falls almost always chooses the late afternoon or night. Between July and October, when the greatwildebeest migration is in the Masai Mara National Reserve, the sensation is unparalleled. Masai Mara is one of the best plains’ game reserve where you can actually encounter a live Discovery Channel, a haven for viewing a congregation of all sorts of animals in a five-mile radius: A pride of lions can be spotted ready to make a run for a gazelle (actually, the last time we visited the Masai Mara we saw a lioness take down a giraffe), a cheetah and its cub taking a nap on a rock, a pair of ostriches walking the open stretches of the savannah or a gazelle giving birth (we saw this too).

The Masai Mara National Reserve lies about 270 kilometers from Nairobi, and takes about 4 to 5 hours by road. There are scheduled flights, twice daily from Wilson Airport Nairobi, which take about 40 – 45 minutes. The reserve is about 1510 square kilometers having been reduced from 1672 square kilometers in 1984. However, the wildlife is far from being confined within the reserve boundaries, and an even larger area, generally referred to as the “dispersal area” extends north and east of the Masai Mara National Reserve. Maasai communities live within the dispersal area with their stock but a century of close association with the wildlife has resulted in an almost symbiotic relationship where wildlife and people live in peace with one another. The first sight of this natural wonderland is breathtaking. Here the great herds of shuffling elephants browse among the rich tree-studded grasslands with an occasional sighting of a solitary and ill-tempered rhino.

Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelle, Topi and Eland and many more species of plains’ game offer a rich choice of food for the dominant predators; lion, leopard and cheetah which hunt in this pristine wilderness. In the Mara River, hippo submerges at the approach of a vehicle only to surface seconds later to snort and grumble their displeasure. Seemingly, the drowsy crocodile sunbathe on the riverbanks, mouth agape, waiting with subtle cunning for prey at which tostrike with lightning swiftness. But this richness of fauna, this profusion of winged beauty and the untouched fragility of the landscape, are all subordinate to the Mara’s foremost attraction, the march of the wildebeest.

Each year, far south in the great vastness of the Serengeti, the wildebeest raise their dignified but quaint heads, sniff the air and, as if by one accord, start the long trek to the Kenya border and the Masai Mara. After exhausting the grazing in Tanzania’s northern Serengeti, a large number of wildebeest and zebra enter the Masai Mara National Reserve around the end of June drawn by the sweet grass raised by the long rains of April and May. It is estimated that more than half a million wildebeest enter the Masai Mara National Reserve and are joined by another 100,000 from the Loita Hills east of the Masai Mara. Driving in the midst of these great herds is an unimaginable experience. Whilst the eyes feast on the spectacle, the air carries the smells, the dust and the sounds of hundreds of thousands of animals. There is nowhere else on earth to compare with this wildlife marvel. But the trek is costly. The herds’ draw ravening packs of predators, especially hyenas and lions, and thousands of the lame, laggard and sick never complete the cycle. More die, by drowning or by the teeth of the cunning crocodile, while trying to cross the swirling muddy waters of the Mara and Talek rivers. Once the Masai Mara National Reserve’s grass has been devoured and when fresh rain in Tanzania has brought forth a new flush there, the herds turn south, heading hundreds of kilometers back to Serengeti and the Ngorongoro plains. There the young are dropped in time to grow sufficiently strong to undertake the long march north six months later.

Although July, August and September are the months when the Masai Mara plains are filled with migrating wildebeest and zebra, there is much resident wildlife year round. Apart from the better-known species there are numerous opportunities to add some of the rare and less frequently seen animals to the visitor’s checklist. In the southwestern sector, you may be lucky enough to see roan antelope, a handsome creature regrettably rare countrywide. Bat-eared foxes peer from their burrows and there are thousands of topi, an antelope not found in other major parks save Tsavo National Park. The combination of a gentle climate, scenic splendor and untold numbers of wildlife makes the Masai Mara Kenya’s most popular inland destination park.

A well worth it and recommended activity in the Masai Mara National Reserve is the balloon safari. Early in the morning, you will be woken and driven to the departure site. Once in the air, the view of the surrounding landscape, the rising of the sun between the mountains and the congregation of the animals at the river is beautiful. This all concludes with a champagne breakfast and memories of a lifetime.


~Dress: InMonster – Masai Mara *MESH*

~Legging: [[Loovus Dzevavor]]Major – Aussielicious Leggings

~Hair&Wrap: L&H Couture – Head Wrap Lana in Ghana

~Shoes: [[Loovus Dzevavor]]Major – Krikey Pumps

~Jewelry: Kunglers – Masai

~Bangle: Finesmith – Safari Bracelet

~Nails: Formanails – Form long in Design Gold 3

Pose by Tuty’s

September 1, 2012

~*Inside the Cage*~

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Sometimes we feel ourself like we live in a cage. Maybe a golden one, maybe a cage full of pain and torture and maybe a cage out of feelings and emotions where we can´t escape. Atm I am in a cage of emotions and I hope that I can escape soon from it to feel free and healthy again and to enjoy my life like so many others around me. But it will take time, a lot of time. But here I am and ready to start this journey to become healthy and to be that strong woman you all knew!


~Blazer: GizzA – Blazer Suit [Travel] *MESH*

~Pants: ~Sassy!~ Tribeca leather pants – black *MESH*

~Shoes: :)(: Atika Shoes Black & White

~Hat: ” Concert ” by ****** BaObA *******

~Hair: =DeLa*= – “Marley” Blacks and White *MESH*

~Nails: Nails – Formanails – Form Long – Design OLENA

~Ring: Finesmith – APHRODITE Inspiration Set

~Chair: Wicker Chair by Frolic Mills

~Plant: MYGOTHICPLACE potted plant

~Lamp: [OO] – Steampunk Street Lamp (colorchangable)

~Cage: [ILAYA] – The white bird cage

Pose by *PosESioN*

August 26, 2012

~*View of an Ant*~

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After a long week of being busy in RL I tried again to do a post, what isn´t that easy as my medics make it hard for me to concentrade what some saw already I think. But anyways I did again a picture and want to share it with you as sometimes we forget to see the perspective of others. We see our way, our goal, where we want to reach and forget to see who is around us and who is important for us and wake up when it is to late. So on this picture I used the perspective of an Ant and how it is to be a small creature of this world and how human look like when we are that tiny.


~Pant: GizzA – Jean Short-Mesh [Ice]

~Tank: GizzA – Tank-Mesh [Grey]

~Tights: Chimera’s – Fishnet Panty Hose

~Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Mango” Blacks and White

~Shoes: *MJS* – Biker Stiletto

~Earrings: *BOOM* – Pride Earrings (Pure)

~Bracelet: :[MANDALA] – MILKY WAY BANGLEs/polly white

~Nails: Candy Nail – #P027 Clear French Fresh

Pose by PosEsioN

August 17, 2012

~*Sound of an Angel*~

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After editing my ass off for around 7 hours for the rain I finally have this wonderful gown ready created out of the talented hands by Mami Jewell (owner and founder) of Azul which is called “Angel”

Thats why I choosed for my post a song who is called “Sound of an Angel” and tried t show the emotion I got from this song into my picture. It is a mix of hope, sadness and love, what music can raise inside of a human.

Mixed with this cute equipment and the Angel Gown I finished my newest post for today and I hope you will like it.


~Gown: -Azul- – Angel in Coral

(available in different colors)

~Hair: Tukinowaguma – Julie in Ebony

~Jewelry: JCNY – Haute Monde PRIVATA

~Nails: Synthetique – Ultimate French Series

~Equipment: LISP 901 – Violin Chair Set

Pose by *PosESioN*

August 14, 2012

~*Fairy of the Ocean*~

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Fairies are generally described as human in appearance and having magical powers. Their origins are less clear in the folklore, being variously dead, or some form of demon, or a species completely independent of humans or angels.[3] Folklorists have suggested that their actual origin lies in a conquered race living in hiding,[4] or in religious beliefs that lost currency with the advent of Christianity.[5] These explanations are not necessarily incompatible, and they may be traceable to multiple sources.

Much of the folklore about fairies revolves around protection from their malice, by such means as cold iron (iron is like poison to fairies, and they will not go near it) or charms of rowan and herbs, or avoiding offense by shunning locations known to be theirs.[6] In particular, folklore describes how to prevent the fairies from stealing babies and substituting changelings, and abducting older people as well.[7] Many folktales are told of fairies, and they appear as characters in stories from medieval tales of chivalry, to Victorian fairy tales, and up to the present day in modern literature.

In his manuscript, The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies, Reverend Robert Kirk, minister of the Parish of Aberfoyle, Stirling, Scotland, wrote in 1691:

These Siths or Fairies they call Sleagh Maith or the Good People…are said to be of middle nature between Man and Angel, as were Daemons thought to be of old; of intelligent fluidous Spirits, and light changeable bodies (lyke those called Astral) somewhat of the nature of a condensed cloud, and best seen in twilight. These bodies be so pliable through the sublety of Spirits that agitate them, that they can make them appear or disappear at pleasure[8]

Although in modern culture they are often depicted as young, sometimes winged, humanoids of small stature, they originally were depicted quite differently: tall, radiant, angelic beings or short, wizened trolls being two of the commonly mentioned forms. Diminutive fairies of one kind or another have been recorded for centuries, but occur alongside the human-sized beings; these have been depicted as ranging in size from very tiny up to the size of a human child.[9] Even with these small fairies, however, their small size may be magically assumed rather than constant.[10]

Wings, while common in Victorian and later artwork of fairies, are very rare in the folklore; even very small fairies flew with magic, sometimes flying on ragwort stems or the backs of birds.[11] Nowadays, fairies are often depicted with ordinary insect wings or butterfly wings.

Various animals have also been described as fairies. Sometimes this is the result of shape shifting on part of the fairy, as in the case of the selkie (seal people); others, like the kelpie and various black dogs, appear to stay more constant in form.[12]

In some folklore fairies have green eyes and often bite. Though they can confuse one with their words, fairies cannot lie. They hate being told ‘thank you’, as they see it as a sign of one forgetting the good deed done, and, instead, want something that will guarantee remembrance.[citation needed]

Origin of fairies

Folk beliefs


One popular belief was that they were the dead, or some subclass of the dead.[13] The Irish banshee (Irish Gaelic bean sí or Scottish Gaelic bean shìth, which both mean “fairy woman”) is sometimes described as a ghost.[14] The northern English Cauld Lad of Hylton, though described as a murdered boy, is also described as a household sprite like a brownie,[15] much of the time a Barghest or Elf.[16] One tale recounted a man caught by the fairies, who found that whenever he looked steadily at one, the fairy was a dead neighbor of his.[17] This was among the most common views expressed by those who believed in fairies, although many of the informants would express the view with some doubts.[18]


Another view held that the fairies were an intelligent species, distinct from humans and angels.[19] In alchemy in particular they were regarded as elementals, such as gnomes and sylphs, as described by Paracelsus.[20] This is uncommon in folklore, but accounts describing the fairies as “spirits of the air” have been found popularly.[21]

Demoted angels

A third belief held that they were a class of “demoted” angels.[22] One popular story held that when the angels revolted, God ordered the gates shut; those still in heaven remained angels, those in hell became devils, and those caught in between became fairies.[23] Others held that they had been thrown out of heaven, not being good enough, but they were not evil enough for hell.[24] This may explain the tradition that they had to pay a “teind” or tithe to Hell. As fallen angels, though not quite devils, they could be seen as subject of the Devil.[25] For a similar concept in Persian mythology, see Peri.


A fourth belief was the fairies were demons entirely.[26] This belief became much more popular with the growth of Puritanism.[27] The hobgoblin, once a friendly household spirit, became a wicked goblin.[28] Dealing with fairies was in some cases considered a form of witchcraft and punished as such in this era.[29] Disassociating himself from such evils may be why Oberon, in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, carefully observed that neither he nor his court feared the church bells.[30]

The belief in their angelic nature was less common than that they were the dead, but still found popularity, especially in Theosophist circles.[31][32] Informants who described their nature sometimes held aspects of both the third and the fourth view, or observed that the matter was disputed.[31]


A less-common belief was that the fairies were actually humans; one folktale recounts how a woman had hidden some of her children from God, and then looked for them in vain, because they had become the hidden people, the fairies. This is parallel to a more developed tale, of the origin of the Scandinavian huldra.[31]

Babies’ laughs

A story of the origin of fairies appears in a chapter about Peter Pan in J. M. Barrie‘s 1902 novel The Little White Bird, and was incorporated into his later works about the character. Barrie wrote, “When the first baby laughed for the first time, his laugh broke into a million pieces, and they all went skipping about. That was the beginning of fairies.”[33]

Pagan deities

Many of the Irish tales of the Tuatha Dé Danann refer to these beings as fairies, though in more ancient times they were regarded as goddesses and gods. The Tuatha Dé Danann were spoken of as having come from islands in the north of the world or, in other sources, from the sky. After being defeated in a series of battles with other otherworldly beings, and then by the ancestors of the current Irish people, they were said to have withdrawn to the sídhe (fairy mounds), where they lived on in popular imagination as “fairies.”



~Gown: Evolve – Dream Love in Green *NEW*

(available in 4 colors)

~Hair: ::Exile:: Breeze: Naturals

~Earrings: Maxi Gossamer – Earrings – Shell  – Teardrop – Sea Green

~Nails: Candy Nail #P050 Pure Green

~Feet: *GAeline* Bare Feet – Pointed *MESH*

~MakeUp: cheLLe (tattoo) Maleficent

~Eyes: [Gauze] Sin Eyes –  Sloth

~Ears: *~*Illusions*~* Drow Ears

~HeadJewelry: ~Soedara~ Circlet of Sheba Chained Silvery Seas

~Wings: Water Wings 2e (colors/stop)

~Staff: Magician Staff made by Falbala Fairey

August 10, 2012

~*Hope for Emilia~* [Part10]

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I know this charity is already going to be over and at midnight all the great designs will be gone I want to share a special offer to you all who is a gorgeous Italian Villa for JUST 990L$!!!

The textures are high detailed and it has such wonderful frescos all around with the wineranks and the arts on the walls all around who remembers on the great works of Michelangelo.

Still time till midnight 9th SLT to efford this Villa!

August 5, 2012

*Diamond Avatar*August 50% OFF

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It’s discounts time Girls:)))

From August 01ts till August 16th all Diamond Avatar creations will be discounted 50% OFF (Skins.Shapes,hair,make up,eyes and lipsticks).

This promotion is avaiable only at Diamond Avatar Mainstore and it doesn’t included new releases that i will launch during the month of  August.



~Skin: *Diamond Avatar* – Sonya in Fair

(available in 6 different Make Ups)

~Shoes: [Cliche] – Culprit *NEW*

(Available in 10 different colors)

~Hair: ::Exile:: – Take it off: Naturals

~Nails: Candy Nail – #P027 Clear French Fresh

July 14, 2012


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~Outfit: Champagne Sparkling – BEWITCHMENT of MALAWI

(includes Headpiece and Jewelry)

~Hair: Vanity Hair::Sunset Blvd.-blacks

~Shoes: N-core SENSE 2 “Champagne”


Pose by Manifeste

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